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Ed McNeill
Ed McNeill

The seeds of Christ Church Oahu were planted around 2014 on a Sunday morning when The Very Rev. Ed McNeill was standing to one side of the Altar at St. James Anglican Church in San Jose CA. The Rev. Cindy Stansbury was presiding. Ed felt a lightning bolt of grief fill him from head to toe. He chocked back a sob and knew that his time at St. James was coming to an end. Little did he know this would lead him to Oahu.

In 2017 Ed resigned his position as Rector (Sr. Pastor) of St. James and moved with Evelyn to Honolulu. Upon arrival they sought to become familiar with Hawaiian culture and values. Ed found work teaching Scuba Diving at Aaron’s Dive Shop in Kailua. Ed also oversees the ordination process for the Diocese of Churches For The Sake of Others (aka C4SO) for Bp. Todd Hunter.

Loving God, Living Aloha

In the early spring of 2018 a tag line, or short summary of organizational focus, for Christ Church came to Ed. “Loving God, Living Aloha”. This captured his nascent vision which still needed to be articulated. Ed intentionally waited a year before beginning to gather people to start Christ Church. You can read more about our vision for Christ Church and if you are interested in meeting Ed please feel free to call him 729-2134

Ed was ordained in 1986 in the Anglican Church of Canada. He served two parishes in the Diocese of Edmonton. The first parish included three congregations spread out over 50 miles. Ed did 3 services and drove 100 miles each Sunday Morning. St. John’s in Onoway was the main congregation and is a great training congregation that taught Ed a great deal. Ed moved to St. Margaret’s in January 1991. Ed led this mission congregation into their first and present buildings on Ellerslie Road in Edmonton. In 1999 Ed accepted a call to St. Edward’s Episcopal Church in San Jose, California. In 2009 Ed and most of St. Edward’s left the Episcopal Church and moved into a community center to become St. James Anglican Church. A few years later God gave St. James their present buildings in San Jose. You can read the amazing story here.

The story of Christ Church Oahu is just beginning.  At this moment Christ Church Oahu is a vision.