The first location of Christ Church Oahu is Kailua. As a newly forming church we don’t have a physical building yet. We are gathering in people’s homes. As we outgrow these intimate settings we will look for a location for worship and social gatherings.

A New Day

Kailua is the first location of Christ Church Oahu. The vision for Christ Church is to help begin new Anglican Churches throughout Oahu and the other islands of Hawaii. Ed McNeill, our pastor, is assisting the start of Christ The King on Hawaii. In his previous church Ed helped start 6 other churches. So if you are disappointed that Christ Church Oahu isn’t closer to you please contact Ed (808) 729-2134 and let him know of your interest. You can also email him using our contact form

When Ed and Evelyn moved to Oahu they moved to East Honolulu as Ed thought Christ Church’s location would be somewhere around the end of H1. As he began connecting with people who expressed some interest he had a curious experience. The first three people all said something like “I want it to be in Kailua.” Well 3 times, especially the first 3 times, is hard to ignore so Ed is now focused on gathering people in Kailua. On Feb 3, 2019 a first casual Sunday Service was held in a home of one of the new members. The next casual Sunday Service is on March 3rd, 2019 and we hope more people will come and see if this interests them. If you can’t attend our service and want to hear a sermon you can do so on our sermon page.

The focus of Christ Church right now is in reaching people who might be interested in participating in the start of a new Anglican Church. We will be having a casual Sunday Services once a month and midweek fellowship opportunities. Come and check us out in location Kailua!