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Our Story

Aloha! Welcome to Christ Church Oahu. Christ Church is an Anglican Church in Kailua. The Rev. Ed McNeil and his wife Evelyn  moved to Oahu in 2017 following a call from God. They have  been following God’s call throughout their marriage. Ed was ordained in Edmonton, Canada in 1986 and has followed calls into Edmonton from Onoway Alberta, to San Jose California, and now to Oahu.  The call to Oahu is a longish story to tell and if you’d like to hear it just ask Ed.  Ed and Evelyn have delighted in every place God has brought them to. Ed believed the move to Oahu would be to start a new church and this has been affirmed in prayer.

Call and Response

Answering a call to move and start a new church is exciting and faith giving. Getting involved in a church start up is a way to grow in faith and experience God’s activity up close and personal.  The first members got involved in Christ Church in March of 2019. In September of 2019 the growing community moved into The Royal Hawaiian Golf Club for Sunday Worship. Want to get involved? Come and participate in and experience the unfolding of God’s work.  Participating in a the start up of a church is like adding a turbocharger to your faith journey. Faith develops in the face of challenge and people who help start churches experience growing faith.

Loving God, Living Aloha

Hawaii is very different than Northern California where Ed and Evelyn left to come to Oahu.  Ed has been quietly seeking to understand Hawaii and continues to do so. One day as he prayed about Christ Church Oahu and a vision a tag line popped into his head. “Loving God, Living Aloha”. On so many levels this captures his vision for Christ Church.  For more information about our vision please visit our vision page.


Christ Church Oahu is an Anglican Church, deeply rooted and respectful of the early church. We have a high view of Scripture and seek to conform our lives to God’s will expressed in God’s Word.  We emphasize respect for all people and seek to treat everyone with aloha.

Christ Church Oahu is part of the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO), that is in turn part of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). Bp. Todd Hunter, author of many books, former President of Alpha USA, former President of the Vineyard Churches, is Ed’s Bishop.

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