One Year Later Time to Gather a Core Team

Honu Descending

Aloha! It’s been just over a year since Evelyn and I moved from San Jose to East Honolulu. So much has happened in that time. We’ve settled in and are increasingly feeling at home on Oahu. We’ve survived a couple of hurricane scares and have been here long enough that long time residents and locals are gaining confidence that we are here to stay. We quickly learned that people don’t consider you a resident until you’ve been here at least a year. For this reason I held off gathering a core team until after a year passed. Talking with someone who grew up here I’ve learned that there are two other milestones that make a difference. After 3 years and after 7 years you gain bumps in local credibility. So we’ve been here a year.

In the past year I’ve been focused on coming into tune with local culture. Coming from the Silicon Valley which prioritizes efficiency over relationships to a place where relationships are much more important than efficiency requires an attitude adjustment and the slowing of one’s internal metronome. Oahu is on Island time, though not as much as the other islands of Hawaii. Being present to people is so important. Talking story, coming alongside people with a genuine heart to get to know them is important. Respect is also important. I’ve sought to respect Hawaii by not immediately trying to plant Christ Church Oahu. I’m seeking to respect local churches by meeting their pastors and trying to connect with people who do not have a church home.

Now that we’ve been here for over a year, I’ve begun to intentionally seek people out to get to know them better and to talk to them about what I’m doing. My hope is to gather people into a core team for prayer and planning. It takes a team to start a new church. I’m praying that God leads me to people who are interested and willing to participate at some level in Christ Church Oahu. I would love to talk to you about Christ Church. Please call me at 729-2134 or email me using this contact form

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