Royal Hawaiian Golf Club

Christ Church is moving! In March of 2019 we started monthly services in the home of our first members. In September we are moving into the Maunawili Room of the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club. The location of the Golf Club is breathtaking. It is located in Kailua in a valley accessed directly from the Pali. We feel blessed that this opportunity has come about.

Royal Hawaiian Golf Club
Beautiful Location
View from Maunawili Room

The view from the Mauanawili Room is breathtaking. There is not a bad view to be found at the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club. From the drive into the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club from the Pali to the front entrance and from every room there is a view to enjoy and thank God for. This is a beautiful Hawaiian valley and an unimaginable location for Christ Church to grow into. There is a palpable feeling of being blessed for future growth in this moment.

The Maunawili Room works well for us now and gives us room to grow. We are welcome to rent it once a month and then more frequently as we grow. Acoustics are superb. The Facility staff will setup and tear down the tables and chairs we need, and provide a coffee service towards the end of the 9:30 am service.

We are also blessed that Addie and Dakota Anderson recently moved to Oahu and joined us for our last service in a member’s home. They felt called to move to Oahu where Dakota’s family lives. Addie had prayed fervently for an Anglican Church that they could be part of. Her discovery of Christ Church Oahu was a major answer of prayer. In many ways their arrival is an answer to our prayers as well.

A Music Worship Leader
Addie Anderson

Addie is our first Music Worship Leader. You can read about Addie on her profile page. Her arrival the same week that we learned the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club was available for us to use combined to give us a sense that we were in a God blessed moment. It feels like we are entering a new chapter in the story of Christ Church. This does not mean our next steps will be easy or that we will rapidly grow, although we hope that happens. What this does mean is that we sense a prophetic moment and an opportunity for us to walk into.

Our first Sunday at the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club is on September 15th. Please join us or join us in prayer that God blesses us in this move.

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