Keiki Vision Screening

Loving God and Living Aloha includes being a blessing to the local community. One of the ways we seek to do this is through acts of service. We are also a young church without a tradition of service projects and limited numbers of people able to commit. Consequently we are partnering with and assisting other organizations service projects. On November 13th Christ Church Oahu partnered with Windward Sunrise Rotary to help with their Keiki Vision Screening service project at Maunawili Elementary School. Windward Rotary also welcomes our volunteers to wear Christ Church Oahu t-shirts while we assist in their service projects.

Windward Rotary has performed this service project annually for many years and were exceptionally well organized. As new volunteers Evelyn and Ed McNeill appreciated the level of preparation and clear instructions given. Vision Screening happens in 3rd grade. A class comes to the Cafeteria where they go through 4 stations. 

The first station is for close vision. The students hold a bead on a lie attached to an eye chart (to get the correct distance from the card), and cover an eye. They then are asked to read the line for 20/30 vision. They then repeat the drill for the other eye. Near vision impacts the ability to read books.

The second station is for distance vision screening which is important to be able to see the blackboard or whiteboard at the front of the class. At this station the Students stand 20’ away from an eye chart and are screened on each eye. The third station was for depth or 3D perception and involves looking at a card and identifying objects in the pattern of colored dots on the card.  The final station was a gift from the Windward Rotary for each student: a Dictionary and a copy of the USA Constitution. 

3D Screening

The students were a joy to work with and the teachers were appreciative of having their students screened. As one would expect the teachers already had a good idea if one of their students would benefit from being screened. Students that would benefit from seeing an opthomologist were identified and a form letter completed and given to the school for communication to the parents. 

We are grateful to Windward Rotary for allowing us to participate in their service project and look forward to helping them again on December 4th at Waimanalo Elementary School. 

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