Two Sundays a Month

On November 8th, we begin a new pattern of in person worship. We will now meet for in person worship on 2 Sundays a month. On Sundays we don’t meet in person we will continue to meet on Zoom. A year ago we began meeting for in person worship once a month at the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club. We have slowly and somewhat steadily grown as a community and have reached a point where it feels right to begin meeting in person twice a month. We hope that we will continue to grow and to move to weekly in person services sometime in 2021.

Christ Church Oahu is still a new church. We started as a “parachute drop”. This phrase indicates that we started without a core team already gathered and in place. We started gathering a core group in January of 2019 when Skip and Ann M. joined Ed & Evelyn in an effort to start Christ Church. Since then we have made progress and our group has grown to include others. The move to two Sundays a month comes at a lovely but challenging time. The Coronavirus Pandemic has certainly impacted churches and we certainly feel that. Our move to two in person services a month feels like a statement of hope and faith in our future and also as a somewhat prophetic act that we hope God blesses by drawing more people into our community.

Thanks be to God.

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