About Us

Christ Church Oahu is an Anglican Church in Manoa near the University of Hawaii. We are a new church and really just getting started. We began gathering people in March of 2019. Then Covid happened. In August of 2022 we moved from Kailua to Manoa to be near the University. We are a growing group of people committed to starting a vibrant church ohana. Our tag line “Loving God, Living Aloha” summarizes our vision. We feel blessed by God in our efforts and hope you will come and visit us.

Loving God, Living Aloha

Our tag line, or short summary of organizational focus, is “Loving God, Living Aloha”. This captures our vision and closely echoes the Great Commandment. You can read more about our vision for Christ Church

Our Pastor

Our Pastor is Ed McNeill. Ed is passionate about helping people develop a robust faith. Faith that is simply the content of what we believe is inadequate. There is a world of difference between believing that Jesus is the Son of God and believing in Jesus the Son of God. Ed also runs his own small scuba company called Oahu Travel Divers where he teaches people to dive, leads boat charters, and occasionally takes divers on dive trips. Ed can be reached by text or phone at (808) 729-2134 or by email using our contact form.