Our Soul Compass

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Trust and hope are the compass of our soul. Our Soul Compass guides us in our journey through life. When people say things like “live life in reference to God” it means that their hope is in God and they are seeking to live lives that reflect this primary commitment. A way of thinking about […]

Holy Spirit Pours God's Love into our hearts

Hope and Aloha

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Joy filled christian living occurs where Hope and Aloha meet. Aloha is a word with many layers of meaning, among them is love. As our hope in Christ grows our Aloha for others increases also. Hope in Christ results in Aloha. You do not need to be a christian to have Aloha but as we […]

Prodigal Son

The Gift of Confession

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A joke told to men about to marry by already married men goes something this. “The two most important words in marriage are ‘yes dear’. The three most important words are ‘I’m sorry dear’. Say the three most important words at least once a month. You’re guilty of something so just say it.” All relationships […]

Closeness to God

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Closeness to God is something every Christian rejoices in and ought to desire more. We yearn for God when we feel God’s absence and wonder what caused the separation. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve walked and talked with God in the cool of the day. Jesus taught his disciples to pray to […]