May 12, 2019

Good Shepherd Sunday 2019

Passage: John 10:22-30

Bible Text: John 10:22-30 | Preacher: Ed McNeill | Jesus proclaimed himself The Good Shepherd during the feast of dedication in Jerusalem. King David was proclaimed shepherd and prince by God. Kings were thought of as shepherds. The Feast of Dedication was the celebration of the cleansing of the temple by Judas Maccabeus after he drove the Greeks out of Israel and restored the Kingdom. The Jewish leaders in the Temple may well have been alarmed by Jesus calling himself a shepherd as Roman Soldiers listened on. Jesus critiqued these leaders and explained that Jesus’ sheep knew his voice. They did not as they were not part of his sheep.

The sheep knew the voice of their Good Shepherd and Jesus expects us to know his voice. He knows us by name and desires to be in relationship with us. Ed shares some of the ways he has heard God’s voice and calling on his life. Ed reflects on the fact that we all hear a little differently but as a flock we seek to follow our Good Shepherd. Praying the Jesus Prayer aligns us to God and opens our spiritual radar so that we can be open to the voice of our shepherd.

Ed also addresses the critique that a good shepherd would prevent injustices and disease in this life by reflecting on our reading from Revelation this morning and Jesus’ promise of eternal life for his flock.

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