Christ Church Oahu Vision
Loving God, Living Aloha


We seek to live within God’s love and live out God’s love in community: Loving God and living Aloha.

Loving God

Loving God begins with recognizing God is our Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier who desires to be in relationship with us. All of creation is His handiwork and testifies to His gracious invitation to a deeper relationship. We show our respect through our attention to God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Members of Christ Church seek to love God through worship and well lived lives. We are committed to beauty, gracefulness, and peace. We seek to worship God with authentic hearts and seek to live our lives as an act of worship by living in God’s presence and according to His will. This is to pray without ceasing. This keeps us present to and attentive of God.

Loving God involves trust and hope. The exercise of faith is what takes us from knowing about God to knowing God. Faith involves our trust and our hope. A greater faith is one where a person places their whole trust and hope in Christ.

The exercise of faith involves opening our lives to God’s grace and influence. Just as a parent shapes a child in ways that are good for them so God shapes our lives in ways that bring us true joy. The Bible, God’s self revelation, is for our guidance and the shaping of our lives. Christ Church has a high view of Scripture. Loving God involves commitment, obedience and perseverance.

Loving God leads us to transformed lives. Our own lives are shaped by our love and the lives of others we know are impacted by the people we become.

Living Aloha

All who are blessed by God are called to experience and live life out of gratitude. We seek to be constantly in this mind and to be a community marked by generosity, hospitality, peace and joy. We desire to be a blessing to all who call Oahu home.

Members of Christ Church have a kuliana (responsibility) to share the blessings we have received. As a community we will seek to share the relationship we enjoy in Christ with others. So we will do so in ways that are deeply respectful, gentle, and generous in both spirit and deed. We seek to be generous people of peace, seeking to share God’s love in ways that reflect God’s love and shows respect to all people.

Our kuliana includes malama (care) for the needs of the wider community and we will seek to make a difference in the lives of people who are homeless.

Christ Church seeks to be a diverse community that reflects, respects, and blesses all the peoples of Hawaii, and particularly the Hawaiian people.

Christ Church seeks to grow into a resource church that raises up leaders and assists in the planting of new churches throughout Hawaii.

An Anglican Church

As an Anglican Church, we base our teaching firmly on Scripture, Reason, and Tradition. We accept the Bible as the word of God given to us so that we might know and love God most fully. Reason is the use of our best intellect to understand the meaning of the Bible. Tradition is the wisdom of Christians who have gone before us and blessed us with their insights and teaching. Anglicans place great weight on the teaching and witness of the earliest Christians and only change this teaching when our understanding of scripture leads us to different conclusions.

Anglican Worship would be recognizable to an early Christian and follows the pattern of worship that took shape in the decades following Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension. Other churches follow similar patterns of worship. Christ Church seeks to be deeply rooted in tradition and sensitive to the present. We seek to worship in ways that honor God and lift the hearts of God’s people.

Christ Church is an Anglican Church and part of the Diocese for the Sake of Others led by The Rt. Rev. Todd Hunter. Bp. Todd provides oversight and cover. Bp. Todd is the author of many books and loves Hawaii.

Christ Church is being started by The Rev. Ed McNeill. Ed was ordained in 1986 in the Diocese of Edmonton in the Anglican Church of Canada. He has served as a Rector (Sr. Pastor) of several churches since then until August of 2017 when he resigned as Rector of St. James Anglican Church in San Jose, CA to follow a call to Oahu. Ed also teaches Scuba Diving at Aaron’s Dive Shop in Kailua. Ed and Evelyn Frith-McNeill moved to Hawaii in the summer of 2017 following a call from God to move to Hawaii.